About Us

‘সেই চিরচেনা বিশুদ্ধতা’- with this slogan Khatiponno.com is started its journey in January, 2015 as an e-commerce marketplace in Bangladesh. This is the first e-store with the commitment to serve with only the root sourced pure products. This e-store for those who expects to get best value of their money they spend to purchase products to eat as well as to use.

Khatiponno.com consistently works in progress with new product lines, new root sourcing and new services. If you have any ideas and recommendations on what we can do and how we can improve, we would feel honor to hear from you.

Why Khatiponno?

Our ancestors ate everything pure. And today in urban life we are about to forget the meaning of true ‘Purity’. From this realization we the seven young professionals came from different countryside places of Bangladesh and working in different sectors like public health, media, IT, finance, quality assurance and marketing made an oath to send back that ancient taste of purity. No matter how much remote places we have to reach, it’s our responsibility to dig-out the pure products and reach the urban people with these products.

Our Product Selection Process:

‘Khatiponno’ product collection team visited number of countryside areas of Bangladesh to search for pure products with root source for long days as part of ground work. Among many, we confirmed to supply only five products where we have control to maintain quality. These five products are homemade Ghee, naturally sourced honey, cow drawing ghani produced mustard oil, pure cumin seed oil and handmade Nokshi Kantha. We started our activities with sampling of these products among hundreds of targeted customers and finalized these five products incorporating their feedbacks.

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